Posted in ProcessWire 28 Oct. 2017 @ 12:48 PM

Using hook classes in ProcessWire modules

After shrugging at Jumplinks’ massive module class, I’ve begun writing in a more OOP way, and there are a couple of things that have come in handy in terms of SoC of late. One of them is hook classes, which helps split hook functions out into their own classes in an intuitive way.

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It’s been fun, jQuery.

With so few updates from the jQuery team(s), it’s no wonder the landscape has changed so much. With the welcome addition of front-end frameworks to the JS world, jQuery has fallen behind. Very far behind.

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ZA Phone for Laravel

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Magic and reality are blurred in the new trailer for Sleight

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Our Sun may have snatched Planet 9 from outside the solar system

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Big Brother collecting big data – and in China, it’s all for sale

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How ultra-fast 3D XPoint memory could revolutionise PC hardware

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If AI were to take over, would it look like this?

This short film by Dust begs the answer to one question: how much should technology control? Even more importantly, should we be ceding any control at all?

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These magical sculptures look like animations but they’re real objects

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Tesla to take its biggest step toward fully autonomous cars tomorrow

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Facebook is not the product; you are

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Typeset for PHP

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Article from 1917: Don’t worry about coal, they’ll definitely be using something else by 2017

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