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Does Google execute JavaScript?

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What matters most in 2017

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Peer back at the movies and TV shows of 2016

Max Shishkin hasn’t forgotten about this years’ movies and TV shows, and has made an awesome tribute-compilation that summarily peers back at the highlights, with a bit of oomph – quite enjoyable indeed. (Spoilers and NSFW parts ahead.)

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This is what it looks like when a Sun dies

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The future is bright for ProcessWire in 2017

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Facebook doesn’t tell users everything it really knows about them

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The robots are anxious about taking your job

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Five scientific myths you probably believe about the Universe

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Fukushima Radiation has contaminated the entire Pacific Ocean

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TextformatterTypographer for ProcessWire

We have Smartypants in the core, but what if we could do better?

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How GPS became a human tracking-mechanism

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Microsoft Word version 1.1a source code

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Use Macros to define your Virtual Hosts in Apache

If you’re on Windows, chances are you don’t have a handy package like Valet to make your development-workflow easier. If you’re using a standard Apache installation, this might go a long way in speeding things up.

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Alien: Covenant” trailer: monsters dominate here

I’ve always been a fan of the Alien franchise, ever since I was a kid. Prometheus was mellowed down for the most part, but thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless. From this trailer, I expect I’ll enjoy the follow-up even more.

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Even faster images using HTTP2 and progressive JPEGs