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Watch Tesla’s Autopilot brake for a crash before it even happens

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Large wave of energy from unknown source hits Earth

The first scientifically documented, validated wave of galactic energy seems to have been discovered by YouTuber Dutchsinse, who uses MIMIC TPW microwave imagery to watch strange’ weather events around the planet.

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The science stories we’ll be watching in 2017

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The biggest, baddest rocket launches (and landings) of 2016

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Technology and science in 2016 – the biggest moments

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99 Reasons 2016 was a good year (for humanity)

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Everything you know about public-key encryption in PHP is wrong

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Scoop: like Homebrew, but for Windows

This awesome little tool has been around for years now, but it’s only just caught my attention – right when I needed it the most. Wish it’d happened sooner.

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First blog; about time

It’s taken me a while (a long while), but finally done. Welcome to my first blog, where I’ll be posting about web development, ProcessWire, and some musings here and there.