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Dealing with FormData

FormData can get messy. Really messy. Because, apparently, null === null”. With a combination of a frontend helper and a backend middleware, all problems may be solved in a pretty intuitive way. Note: This is designed for the Laravel/​Vue combination – feel free to amend to your requirements; the concept is pretty damn simple.

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Giving Collections a Voice

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Vuex State Helpers

Shorter code is great, in almost every situation. Even shorter code is amazing.

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Vue.js Fundamentals

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Easily implement subscription models with Laravel Plans

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Some quick, useful Laravel tips

Since November, I’ve been working with a small web-dev firm that uses Laravel for all its clients’ API backends. Over time, we’ve been taking new approaches to solving problems, and simplifying our code to make life easier in the long run. Here are some quick and useful tips we’ve been following as part of this process.

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How to add a custom validation message in Laravel 5.5 Form Requests

In Laravel 5.5, JSON responses are a little different. In particular, you’ll find that validation exceptions have changed, and it’s easy to miss what the upgrade guide says about it.

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Altered Carbon

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Game of tetris in just over 500 bytes, anyone?

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Moon: Small like Preact, but for Vue.

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Goodbye controllers, hello request handlers

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Using hook classes in ProcessWire modules

After shrugging at Jumplinks’ massive module class, I’ve begun writing in a more OOP way, and there are a couple of things that have come in handy in terms of SoC of late. One of them is hook classes, which helps split hook functions out into their own classes in an intuitive way.

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Sitemap for ProcessWire

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ZA Phone for Laravel

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Magic and reality are blurred in the new trailer for Sleight