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Peer back at the movies and TV shows of 2016

Max Shishkin hasn’t forgotten about this years’ movies and TV shows, and has made an awesome tribute-compilation that summarily peers back at the highlights, with a bit of oomph – quite enjoyable indeed. (Spoilers and NSFW parts ahead.)

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This is what it looks like when a Sun dies

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The future is bright for ProcessWire in 2017

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Facebook doesn’t tell users everything it really knows about them

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The robots are anxious about taking your job

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Five scientific myths you probably believe about the Universe

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Fukushima Radiation has contaminated the entire Pacific Ocean

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TextformatterTypographer for ProcessWire

We have Smartypants in the core, but what if we could do better?

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How GPS became a human tracking-mechanism

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Microsoft Word version 1.1a source code

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Use Macros to define your Virtual Hosts in Apache

If you’re on Windows, chances are you don’t have a handy package like Valet to make your development-workflow easier. If you’re using a standard Apache installation, this might go a long way in speeding things up.

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Alien: Covenant” trailer: monsters dominate here

I’ve always been a fan of the Alien franchise, ever since I was a kid. Prometheus was mellowed down for the most part, but thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless. From this trailer, I expect I’ll enjoy the follow-up even more.

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Even faster images using HTTP2 and progressive JPEGs

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Watch Tesla’s Autopilot brake for a crash before it even happens

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Large wave of energy from unknown source hits Earth

The first scientifically documented, validated wave of galactic energy seems to have been discovered by YouTuber Dutchsinse, who uses MIMIC TPW microwave imagery to watch strange’ weather events around the planet.