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Large wave of energy from unknown source hits Earth

The first scientifically documented, validated wave of galactic energy seems to have been discovered by YouTuber Dutchsinse, who uses MIMIC TPW microwave imagery to watch strange’ weather events around the planet.

The ramifications of these energy waves on human beings, and the planet, are likely yet to be discovered. We’re also not sure if this is a one-time event, or of further waves are on their way.

Many have been saying that galactic super waves of energy were scheduled to hit the earth, causing human consciousness to evolve. Others have assumed that these waves of energy would hit the earth’s core and cause massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, in an end-times scenario. It has been over a week since Dutchsinse recorded massive energy waves that travelled around the world in a double sin wave, and there haven’t been any stranger weather events that what we normally see with the use of HAARP and other geo-engineered weather technologies.” [1]

Watch the YouTube video that explains this interesting energetic anomaly:

Bad data? Maybe not…

Now, we are being told by UW-Madison CIMSSthat what were seeing here is bad data” that got wrapped” into the composite, but shall we open our minds a little and think about the earthquakes being experienced since this wave’?

Since the event, there has been an influx of earthquakes around the world, with the latest being a 7.6−7 magnitude quake in Chile at 16:22 SAST on Christmas Day. And this is not the only event since this activity has been picked up.

There have been 257 earthquakes over magnitude 5 and many more very close to this number. Just to put this into perspective on average there is an estimated 3.6 earthquakes of a magnitude of 5 – 5.9 a day, in the last 9 days there have been an average of 24.8 nearly 7 times what is usual. It is estimated there is a 6 – 6.9 magnitude earthquake every 3 days, we have had 2.6 a day for the last 9 days. Lastly for the big earthquakes of magnitude 7 – 7.9 you usually get 1 every 25 days (estimate) there have been an average of 1 a day for the last 9 days.” [2]

If you’d like to keep track of important earthquakes, you can do so over at Earthquake-Report.

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